The HIDDEN Truth On Cancer Reasons, Why Doctors Ignore This?!!!


People from ages between 45-74 are more prone to the number one cause of death all over the world,which is cancer. There is a war against this deadly disease but until now it is still unresolved.

Reason why war on cancer failed:

The professor Reynold Spector, from Johnson Medical explained why it failed:
  • Medical experts do not fully understand the causes or pathogenesis in cancer cases
  • Many treatments, except surgery, remove even healthy cells.
  • Clinical trials and grants do not support innovations
  • Animal tests are often wrong and not adequate
  • Fads come and go in studies.
This means the healthcare is ignoring the fact that cancer is due to man’s mistakes or causes and mostly by too much toxins.
Professionals negate this often and do not want to admit that cancer is caused by natural reasons, even though tumors are just appearing recently and this is a fact, due to bad diets or lifestyles.

The main cancer cause!

Cancer cases increase by the year, and experts do nothing about this. They overlook habits of people and environment. Instead, they focus on pricey drugs and meds for late stages of cancer, only to make profits to the pharmacy industry. Also, these meds are awful in side effects and even fatal.
Cancer is better off cured with prevention than meds. If you change the habits, the diet and reduce risks, you are going to protect yourself more.

But what really makes this problem appear?

Main factors are lifestyle and environment:
  1. Exposure to pesticides and other such chemicals (cleaners, air fresheners)
  2. Artificial and processed foods
  3. Dirty electric gadgets, medical radiation, wireless technology
  4. No enough sleep, obesity, stress
  5. Lack of sunshine, UV creams
  6. Drugs/meds

Cancer advancing products that need to be known more!

Cancer numbers have doubled over these 30 years, and by 2030 it will be triple. This means experts need to focus more on other methods to stop cancer spreading.

These 3 advancements need to be praised more and accepted by professionals:

  1. Vitamin D- many studies proved that this vitamin deficit makes cancer chances higher. Even 30% of cancer deaths every year are to be avoided with enough vitamin D. you can even reduce this by 50% by just taking enough D from sun exposing. If you get cancer treatments (80-90 ng/ml) can be useful.  Why is vitamin D good? Increases death of bad and mutated cells, regulates gene expressing, prevents reproducing of cancer cells, makes cells different(healthy vs. sick), reduces making of new blood vessels and prevents thus tumors.
  2. More insulin leveling- science proved that people with normal insulin do not get as much cancer risks. Otto Warburg, the Noble Prize winner, said in his 1934 study that cancer cells feed on sugar. But, oncologists negate this even now. Too much insulin is harmful. MD, Ron Ronsdale in the article Insulin and Its Metabolic Effects, said that regardless of the illness, heart issue or just a cold, the cause is in molecules and cells, and insulin MUST be controlled. The best way to do this is by limiting sugars and fructose, processed foods and grains.
  3. Workouts- this keeps insulin normal and reduces cancer risks. People that workout have 50% less risks for colon cancer. Also, women that workout more lessen the breast cancer risk by 30%.
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