The Silent K1ller For Women-That They Need To Know ASAP!!

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Did you know that more than 550 women lose their battle against ovarian cancer every year? There are many things that trigger ovarian cancer and some of the typical causes include age, genetic predisposition and improper use of oral contraceptives. 

Even though the symptoms of ovarian cancer aren’t obvious, if women are able to identify them before situation gets out of control – they can save their lives. Almost 80% of all women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer when this cancer is already in advanced stage.
Therefore, you need to know and recognize the signs of ovarian cancer:
Irregular cycles
Irregular menstrual cycles can indicate the existence of ovarian cancer. In most cases, women older than 55 are most likely to suffer from ovarian cancer, but it does not mean that younger women are protected from it. Namely, even young girls who have not had their first period can be victims of ovarian cancer.
Bloated stomach

If you notice that your belly swells like the one of a pregnant lady, then you should see a doctor immediately. This is another serious sign that you have ovarian cancer.
Frequent constipation
Especially in the early stages of ovarian cancer, the main target is the digestive tract and the abdominal area. Medline Plus warns that you should take care if you frequently suffer from stomachaches, loss of appetite, constipation or gases.
Excessive growth of hair and dark hair
Even though this is not a usual symptom of ovarian cancer we should not ignore it. It is also worth mentioning that instead of excessive hair growth some women are noticing hair loss.
Frequent backaches
Frequent backaches can be a sign of ovarian cancer, unless you suffer from arthritis or osteoporosis.
Pain in the stomach and pelvis
If you are experiencing any type of pain in the stomach or the pelvis, don’t ignore. Go and see a doctor immediately!
A famous gynecologist, Jeffrey Stern, suggests that ovarian cancer can cause constipation, abdominal pain, weight loss, as well as nausea.


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