This Woman Eats 2kg of Sand per Day for 60 Years and She has Never Been Sick!


Maybe this is the first time you heard this kind of story, she attain a longer life by eating sands and also gravel, i don't know where did she get this kind of idea. Better read the below article.

Kusma Vati, 78, spends hours shovelling sand into her mouth every day, and likes to chew on the walls of her own house.

Kusma said: ‘I have been eating sand and gravel for around 63 years now, I love eating them and I don’t think they have any harmful effects.

I haven’t suffered any problems in my stomach and mouth and my teeth are absolutely fine. If anything it’s made them tougher. I can bite into the hardest stone without a problem.’
According to her, she has never seen a doctor thanks to the daily 2KG of sand.

‘I have never seen a doctor because there has just been no need, for as long as I can remember I’ve felt perfectly fine.

I started eating sand at the age of 15 and I had a bad stomach ache but that didn’t last long and now it feels like all this is very normal to me.

I feel as though the minerals in the sand give me the energy to work in the crop fields.’
There is another woman who has, suprisnigly, the same habit of eating sand.

Sudama Devi first munched sand for a joke with friends when she was just ten, but now eats up to a kilogram of the stuff everyday.

When I was a child my friends bet with me to eat sand. The first time I tried and I felt good. After that I ate it like a routine diet.

I eat sand daily, about one kilogram and three or four times in a day.
I never feel sick but without eating sand I do not feel hunger.’

Sudama, who said that she “loves sand like sugar” added: ‘I had seven sons and three daughters but now I have only three sons and one daughter alive. No one eats sand.’

One local in the village said: ‘She said that she eats about one kilogram of sand daily and she is fully physically fit. She has no disease in her body.’

Even though it seems counter intuitive, eating sand is not likely to be very harmful to a person unless they eat very large quantities of it, according to the medical experts at
These women believe that eating sand has ‘unlocked’ the mystery of long healthy life!


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