VIRAL: Watch this! ‘Beggar’ nails Celine Dion and Bryan Adams hits in viral video


Social Media is now an open door to all talented citizens, everybody has a big chance to be discovered with their hidden talents.They become instant famous, other results in a lifelong career.

Every week there is something that goes viral, and for today, netizens attention captured by this very talented beggar and a street dweller as he own a golden voice,that should be proud of.
However, his ‘golden voice’ has left netizens in awe and admiration after he belted the Celine Dion hit ‘To Love You More’ and the Bryan Adams classic ‘Rescue Me’ at a town fair in Iloilo a few days ago.
His recorded song was uploaded by a Facebook Account name Pak Abonado Firmalidad last January 28.He sang effortless with two classic tunes.
In just two days, the post was viewed more than a million times with nearly 40,000 shares and over 78,000 reactions from netizens
However, some doubted whether the man is really a beggar or just pretending to be to gain social media attention.
In response to the doubters, Pakz uploaded another video to prove the man is not disguising as a beggar.   
Here is the video:


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