Washing with soap is bad for your health, and they explained why…


Most of us think of germs as ‘dirty’—and dangerous. But as you’ve probably heard, you’re crawling with bugs, and these microbes are crucial for digestion, skin health, and immunity.Before the discovery of various shower gels and soaps people were living healthier. 

They were washing with water only and possibly with soap that they have made by their selves. Today most people find it hard to imagine not having a shower every day. This habit destroys the immune system and disturbs sensitive natural levels of bacteria on the skin that are not there without reason. Those bacteria, if not affected, in contact with dirt recognize harmful bacteria and help prevent skin, e.g. acne and eczema.

– The human body has trillions of bacteria on the skin and in the bowels, and their natural balance is very important for our health. Regular contact with dirt helps the community of bacteria to recognize the bacteria that are bad and which do not. The only thing I recommend is to use a mild soap made from organic ingredients – says gastroenterologist Robynne Chutkan.
He added that most antibacterial soaps are full of strong chemicals that disrupt the balance of bacteria on the skin and washing with water only is enough. The only places that need to be a little soap with organic soap are the armpits and groin. Expert says that dirt is not the cause of disease, but the constant killing of the good bacteria and disinfecting with hand gels and wipes is also unnecessary.
First things first, what's wrong with soap?

There’s a role for the occasional bar of soap when we’re particularly grubby, but a mild soap made from organic ingredients, rather than anti-bacterial soaps that are often full of harsh chemicals, is definitely the way to go. By scouring ourselves in the shower every day, we are actually stripping our skin of bacteria that keep us acne- and eczema-free. Unless you’ve just finished a Mud Run, the only places that need daily soaping are your armpits and groin. The rest of your body does fine with a rinse—even after a sweaty workout.

Dirt doesn’t cause disease—but repeatedly killing off the good bacteria on our skin may actually harm our immunity. Think about that the next time you swap a little bit of dirt for some body wash.


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