BEWARE! Broth Cubes Can DAMAGE Your BRAIN- STOP Using It NOW!!

STAFF 11:47 AM

Nowadays, when you're ordering foods at the restaurants you might notice that their  menus  state “NO ADDED MSG.” But they are just trying to ease the worries of the customers.

MONOSODIUM GLUTAMATE know  as MSG is used in the food industry as a flavor enhancer that intensifies the meaty, savory flavor of food.

Little did we know that for decades, MSG has been causing health problems such as skin allergies, headaches, irregular heartbeat, depression, nausea, and so much more.

According to studies, consuming MSG everyday can affect the acetycholine production in our endocrine system. 

This substance lessens the absorption of glucose in our body. When too much acetylcholine is produced, it will result in Alzheimer's disease, weight gain and, according to experts, neurodegenerative conditions.

Thus, it is advised to lessen the use of MSG. Instead you may use salt, pepper or sugar for adding flavor to the foods.

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