Here Is Why Belly Fat Is Dangerous, Even At A Normal Weight!


Nowadays, most people desire to have that flat stomach. Some are blessed with it but some are having a hard time achieving it. 

According to a study, the fat around the belly   Is normal but it can cause some health problems. Some of the problems are premature death even if you're in a normal weight range, diabetes, stroke, heart diseases, inflammation and high cholesterol.
Researchers also found out that people with normal weight with belly fat had higher risk of diseases and death, compared with overweight person.
DR. Paul Poirier, one of the most influential doctors in the University of Quebec, Canada, said that the belly fat is bad fat.
Another researcher is DR. Francisco Lopez,  professor of medicine at the mayo Clinic, his study revealed that people with more belly fat have more than twice the risk of dying early.
Even if your weight measurements are normal, above 34 inches for women and 40 inches for men is obesity. You belong to the group of obese by belly perspective not from a weight perspective.


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