Stop Eating This Immediately!!! “Healthy” Food That Causes Breast Cancer And Brain Damage!


More and more people are now aware of the food they take, they usually focus on vegetables and less meat, they sometimes substitute meat with tofu,since it is the healthier option.

But then again, tofu is not that healthy as they think, it is better to stick with your original veges diet,organic products such as eggs, and raw dairy industry products.
According to Dr. Daniel, food processors used in the West divide the soybeans into oil and protein, which is an unsafe and harmful procedure, which involves high pressure, and temperature, alkali, acid baths, petroleum solvents, which release carcinogenic and poisonous residues.
These fractionated products isolate and hydrolyze plant protein since all processed soy has trypsin which impedes proper digestion, as well as phytates which obstruct the absorption of minerals.
A diet rich in soy products can cause numerous health problems, including:
Soy allergies;

Increases homocysteine levels;
Raises the risk of heart diseases, stroke and birth defects;
Reproductive disorders;
Thyroid problems, such as hair loss, loss of libido, fatigue, malaise, lethargy, weight gain;
Brain damage;
development issues in children, babies and adolescents, as well as premature puberty;

A petition signed by Dr. Daniel and a colleague — expert which contained 65 pages was sent to the FDA, demanding it to retract the statement approved in 1999 that soy prevents cardiovascular diseases.

Soy products should not be consumed by pregnant women, as well as children. Namely, babies and children are most prone to the mimicking effects of the hormone in soy.
The daily exposure to estrogen-imitating chemicals in children who eat soy formulas has been found to be 6-11 times higher than in the case of adults who ate soy foods. 
Moreover, the hormones’ concentration has been 13,000-22,000 times higher than the levels of estrogen in the blood. This amount is the same as 5 birth control pills daily. Hence, always give your children natural and organic foods.


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