TERRIFYING!-GARLIC From China Contains DEADLY and HARMFUL Chemicals-Here's How To IDENTIFY!!


The garlic that is being sold in the market and grocery store of USA is basically from China. To be more specific, it was estimated that one-third of garlic was from China. 

The problem is that the scarcity of quality control. According to the food experts, farmer from China use prohibited pesticides in their crop as well as vegetables. 

Additional to this, according to an undercover media, farmers add phorate and parathion for harvesting of crops and vegetables, which phorate and parathion are prohibited pesticides by the authorities and these two consists of hazardous toxins that may harm the vegetables and crops.

However, the highly concern of the citizens and government officials is that the pollution in China. According to the report from 2014, 20% of China's land is polluted by heavy metals, fertilizers and pesticides. Also, China's rivers is consist of a large amount of domestic waste and industrial chemicals.

Here's how to identify garlic from China:
Chinese garlic does not have roots and stems, they are previously cut it off to lessen the weight. Chinese garlic is less weight than healthy garlic
Chinese garlic is a low grade in taste compared to healthy garlic.

In conclusion, the best way to make sure the garlic that we use is healthy is that we vuy it from domestic farmers or plant on our own backyard.


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