WARNING: She was infected with HIV because of the treatment that millions of women do every day!


We thought that transmitted disease can be cause only by having a close touched with someone whom HIV positive or other transmitted disease, but one thing we are not aware of, that it can alsobe transmitted through this very simple and unexpected way, by having manicure and sharing the same tools.

It is an eye opener to everyone to be careful when socializing with other people especially without checking their backgrounds,always make a gap to avoid having this situation.

We all know that HIV is transmitted s3xually, through needles, blood. Yet it can be transmitted in this way.

Not so long ago it happened when a woman from Brazil went to donate blood. She was appalled when she was told she was HIV positive. She knew that she could not get HIV through s3xual int3rcourse because she didn’t have such relationships and has not used drugs.

She realized that she was infected after a manicure because she used the same utensils for nails as her cousin, who is HIV positive. You should know that HIV is not spread through the air or by touching, but contact with wounds and blood. This case however, teaches us that we need to be as careful and do not share the hygiene kits with others.

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