Be Warned!This is what will happen in your brain if you keep sleeping with pillows


After reading this, you will never sleep with a pillow anymore

Brain is the most important organ in the body, it is the central nervous system or CNS. Brain is responsible for all the things we do like, eating, talkimg, writing, walking and alot more. 

We should make sure that it continually support and work well from the tissues down to the smallest cells. 

Lymphatic system is a complex tissyes and organs that helps get rid of the toxins and the wastes in our body. When the lymph is not functioning well, the body will get affected and not get the help that it greatly need. 

Improper functions of this sytem may also lead in Parkinson’s, Huntington’s disease, ALS, chronic traumatic encephalopathy and the well known disease, Alzheimer’s.

There are things you can do to make sure your lymphatic system is working properly by:

- Exercise ( Jumping or rebounding on a small trampoline, is the best exercise possible for getting the lymphatic system working again)
- lymphatic drainage massage or try dry brushing

Glymphatic system was not yet here when it was still science modern, until a recent study. It is a waste removal system just for the brain and central nervous system. The glymphatic system gets or cleans toxins and proteins from the brain while spreading the lipids, glucose, and amino acids which is badly needed to keep the brain going. 

Stony Brook University studied the glymphatic system in rats while they were sleeping, they had found that sleeping positions plays a huge role in how much fluid was moved in and out of the brain.

Rats who were sleeping with their heads raised had the least amount of fluid movement, while those who slept on their sides without their head supported had excellent fluid movement. This study was later published in The Journal of Neuroscience.

Sleeping and Glymphatic system
One can say that the best way to sleep is on your side without a pillow. This is the best way to get the glymphatic system moving again and keep the brain healthy.

However, sleeping in this manner would mean getting rid of pillows. This can be difficult for some but the added benefits are worth the sacrifice.

Pillows are no good for our heads and necks, David Wolfe has talked extensively about this. Not only do they cause neck pain, they also make it more difficult for blood to flow into the brain while we sleep.


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