Do This for Just 6 Minutes Every Day – Here’s What Happens to Belly Fat

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"Follow these simple Workouts to get rid of belly fats"

The “core” is a term used to describe just about everything on your body that isn’t your legs and arms. This means glutes, hips, abdominal muscles, inner abdominal muscles, pelvic floor, and scapula are part of our core. 

Your core is where your power is generated in order to carry out any movement

Benefits of doing core exercise
1. Help prevent injuries

2. Protect your inner organs and central nervous system

3. Banish back pain

4. Get a strong, confident posture

Below, are the exercises you need to follow if you want to have that flat stomach:

Day One

You’ll only require 5 minutes for each one. Do them twice to get faster results.
1.  Skyscrapers- 10 on each side.
2.  Windshield Wipers- 10 on each side.
3. Army Crawls- make 36 action

Day Two

This day includes 4 workouts that can be tense. Each exercises will last for 5 minutes. Repeat this regular 2 times.
1. Breakdancer- 15 on each side.
2. Skydiver- Stay in this position for 30 seconds.
3.  Dead Bug- Repeat it 10 times.
4. Thread the Needle- 10 on each side.

Day Three

They will take you 6 minutes for each.1. Crab kicks into Superman- 6 on each side.

2. Star leg raise-10 on each side.
3. Side V-ups- 10 on each side.
4. Over/under- 10 on each side.


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