Garlic In Milk Helps Fight Asthma, Pneumonia, Tuberculosis and Other Diseases!


Consuming 3 cloves of garlic per night can reduce asthma. 
Pneumonia"Why you should put garlic in your milk"
It might seem like an odd pairing, but milk and garlic make for a fairly popular tonic, renowned for its many health benefits.

500 mililiters of milk
10 peeled and chopped cloves of garlic
2 or 3 teaspoons of sugar
250 mililiters of water

Pour the water and milk in a pot. 
Add the garlic and place the pot on heat. Wait for a few minutes until the liquid mixture starts boiling.
Keep the heat on medium and do not stop stirring until the mixture evaporates to at least half of its original amount.
Strain and mix the sugar in the liquid mixture. This is must be serve hot. 

Here are the health benefits of Garlic 


Dinking garlic milk 3 times a day can treat pneumonia.

Cardiac Problems
Garlic milk will decrease the levels of the LDL cholesterols or bad cholesterol.

Curing Jaundice
Garlic can eliminate toxins from the body to the liver. If you consume this for at least four (4) to five (5) days you can actually treat jaundice. 

Consuming garlic milk regularly can help you in lessening the symptoms of arthritis as well as the inflammation and the pain.

Garlic has soothing compounds that can let you sleep peacefully.

If garlic is mixed with turmeric, this remedy is really effective in curing continuous cough.

Tuberculosis of Lungs
Garlic contains sulphur components which makes it efficient in fighting against tuberculosis of lungs.

If you will consume this garlic milk on a daily basis you will be able to decrease the levels of LDL or bad cholesterol in your body.

Consuming boiled pieces of garlic can efficiently battle infertility in both men and women.

Because of it's painkilling properties garlic milk is recommended for people who suffer from sciatica


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