Here Is The 6 Surprising Health Benefits Of Coconut WINE (TUBA) That You Need To Know.


Coconut is well-known in the Philippines and it is called tuba. Coconut oil or tuba is consists of pure sap and bark is not included in it, the color is sometimes milky white or sometimes it doesn't have color. 

This kind of wine is very different from the other wines because this should be drink freshly, if not, the taste will be sour. 

This wine will give you the desire to drink more, rather than the other wine. Making coconut wine is not easy, but in fact, it is very difficult and the container is not the ordinary one that we can always see but it is as well difficult to find.

Coconut wine or Tuba is a sweet, fresh or mildly fermented sap which came from the flowers of the coconut by tapping it. It is also called Jungle Wine or Coconut Toddy.

Here are some known health benefits of tuba or coconut wine:

1. Promotes Longevity.
- People who drinks coconut wine have a 34% lower mortality rate than beer drinkers.

2. Reduces Heart Attack Risk.
- People who drink coconut wine that experienced high blood pressure has a 30% possibility to not experience heart attacks.

3.  Lowers Risk of Heart Disease.
- Red wine tannins contains procryanidins compounds that are found in the coconut wine, this compound is helpful for the blood vessels and it helps protects heart disease.

4. Reduces Risk of Type 2 Diabetes.
- People who drinks coconut wine has 30% possibility to not develop the type 2 diabetes. It also lower the risk of stroke who drinks coconut wine. Meanwhile, people who drinks alcohol has 50% possibility to develop blood-clot that leads to stroke.

5. Cuts Risk of Cataracts.
- Coconut wine drinkers has the possibility to not develop or get cataracts than those who drinks alcohol and wine.

6. Cuts Risk of Colon Cancer.
- People who drinks this wine has no risk at getting colon cancer by 45%.

Drinking coconut wine or tuba has alot of health benefits and it is good for the health as well. Just make sure to drink a little or not too much.


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