LOOK! Ripped Clothing Is Now The New Fashion Trend!

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Celebrities are spotted wearing 'ripped clothing'; new fashion trend

In the old times, wearing something that looks very unusual will make someone make fun of your outfit. Parents even told us what to properly wear to look presentable and appealing to other people. However, today, people even want to wear revealing outfits and very unusual one.

Malls have been seen selling bunch of ripped jeans and shirts.

A guy named JP Mortel Fajura, posted a photo of the ripped jeans and shirts that he uploaded on facebook, with a caption, "Dumating na ang panahon na dati ang pamunad ginagamit lang sa kusina ngayon social na damit na."

Ripped Jeans and Shirts are very popular now especially that celebrities are posting pictures of them on Instagram. Celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian-West and Zendaya are the one who made this crazy type of clothes popular.

Also the girl in the music video of "Closer" was seen wearing ripped shirt.

This is the newest addition to the trend that people nowadays has.

Fashion is nice, but present time, fashion is getting weirder and weirder up until the extent of wearing ripped jeans and shirts has to become popular.


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