Lose 8.5 Kilos In 7 Days Or 3 Kilos In 3 Days With The “Miracle Soup” Diet

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"Take this miracle soup and you will lose 3 kilos within 3 days"

If you want to lose weight and can't think of a effective solution. Here is one that can change your life.

This diet is originally design for people who suffers from heart problem. When they undergo operation some are required to lose weight instantly for the operation to take course. So, doctors advised them to drink this 'miracle soup'.

This diet is good for only 7 days, exceeding from it can harm your health. Also, prepare the food by bulk and store in a fridge.

Here's how to do it:

First day: 

Eat only soup and fresh fruit especially low-calorie fruits except bananas. Do not forget to infused your bodie with natural juices, tea and coffee without sugar and water.

Second day: 

Eat only vegetables, any cooking procedure will. Green leaves veggies are advised, but aviod legumes.

You can also consume the soup along with the veggies.

Third day:
Today is the combination of the two previous, all day fruits and vegetables, except banana. At night do not add the potatoes.

Fourth day: 

Consume the soup along with bananas and skim milk. Bananas are supposed to help you not fall into the temptation of sweets.

Fifth day:
Today you eat meat. You can eat up to half a kilo of defatted meat (the chicken without the skin) and up to five fresh tomatoes. Drink lots of water to avoid the uric acid that comes from the meat. Take the fat burning soup at least once on this day.

Sixth day: 

Consume meat and veggies. Make sure that you eat the soup once a day. 

Seventh day:
Today to finish the week eats brown rice natural fruit juices and vegetables. Fill yourself again. Remember the soup at least once a day.

Recipe of the miraculous soup


Onions: 6 large
Green peppers: 2 medium
Celery: 1 bunch
Tomatoes: 6 medium (or 1 can of whole tomatoes)
Col: 1
Chicken broth cube: 1
Salt: 1 pinch

Estimated Time: 45 minutes

 Pour water and add salt in a pot. Boil the pot while, cleaning and cutting vegetables into pieces.When the water starts to boil, add all the remaining ingredients and let it boil again. You can add spices for better taste. You can take the soup as hot or cold depending on your preferrence.


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