PARENTS ATTENTION: You Must STOP Using Baby WIPES On Your Children Right Away Before Its Too Late..

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Baby wipes are very useful especially to parents who has babies or small child because it is easy to bring and it cleans dirt faster. Baby wipes are useful for diaper messes, not only that but also for sticky hands, faces and also toys. As we know, it is safe to use but after reading this article will make you change your mind.

Many parents wouldn't look through their baby wipes because all they know it is safe but now?

Alot of study emphasized that using baby wipes for children's skin is not good at all. Also, doctors said that parents should stop using baby wipes for their child because if they do they put their child's life at risk.

NBC News also agreed that using baby wipes for children's skin is not safe it is because of one ingredient. They tested children and they ended up having different reaction like itchy, scaly, and red-rashed skin.

A professional teacher frok University of Connecticut School of Medicine, Dr. Mary Wu Chang, was also present in writing this article. She tried this with children, however, there were six children who has a different reaction that really got her attention.

One child that we tested, an eight-year-old girl, had a very bad reaction, she had severe rash on her butt and also around her mouth. Dr. Chang said that it is because of the baby wipes that was wiped on her mouth and on her butt. Dr. Chang asked her mother what she used and she said it was baby wipes.

On a recent research of Dr. Chang, there was a Belgian Man who had a severe allergic reaction to a chemical preservative called methylisothiazolinone- this was also the cause of the eight-year-old girl, according to Dr. Chang.

Dr. Chang teseted the little girl if she was allergic to this specific preservative and the results were positive. What her mother did was stop using baby wipes and her allergy cleared up.

After a year and a half, Dr. Chang discovered that there were also five kids who experienced the same with the eight-year-old girl. Dr. Chang told their parents to stop using baby wipes so the kids' allergy went away.

Methylisothiazolinone is also present in Johnson & Johnson, Cottonelle, and Huggies. This chemical is now a concern to children's skin so the owner of the products are deciding whether to add it or not. The goal that they have is to not use this harmful chemical rather change it to natural alternative.

Dr. Ellen Frankel, a dermatologist, agreed to Dr. Chang to stop using baby wipes on children's skin. He also said that, "

In order to make sure that this harmful chemical is not on the ingredients look on the ingredients of the baby wipes box. If you see this harmful chemical on the ingredients dont ever use it. In this way, you can help save your child's life at risk.

Prepackage wipes are the wipes that parents should use because it is safe. But you can make your own DIY wipes or use a cloth with water.


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