Shower In The Morning Or At Night, The Difference Will Shock You!...


We take a shower when we need it, it's either at night or day.

There were alot of questions by the people when is healthier to take a bath, is it in the morning or in the evening? Experts says that it really depends on your body, lifestyle, hair and skin.

Is your skin dry or oily?

People who has oily skin should wash their face every morning. Nevertheless, people are sometimes sensitive and don't want to wash their face twice a day.

On the other hand, people who has dry skin should not take bath in the morning just wash clean or wash their face, because taking bath in the morning will reduce the moisture and the hydration that is very important in the skin.

Do you have trouble with waking or sleeping?

Some people really want to take a bath in the evening with a hot water because it makes them relax after a very long day at work. Taking a hot shower at night awakens your body because it raises the temperature of your body when it should be lowered to prepare your body for sleeping. People who has insomnia should not take a bath in the evening or before going to sleep especially if it's hot water.

Do you feel that you are dirty during the day?

If you feel dirty after a long day at work, you should take a bath before going to bed especially if you work with children or you were active the whole day. However, if you want to start your day fresh you should take a bath before going to work.


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