Use it every 5 years and forget about diseases!


This amazing recipe was discovered by a monk in Tibetan Monastery on the year 1972. So, before following this recipe just remember that this must be used every 5 years only. The recipe is effective but very strong at the same time. 

There are only two ingredients needed 350 grams of garlic and 200 ml of 95-proof alcohol or rum. If you prefer alcohol, make sure that it does not contain methanol or benzalkonium chloride. 
This recipe is promised to treat atherosclerosis, lung disease, impotence, sinuses, high blood pressure, arthritis, rheumatism, gastritis, hemorrhoids, helps weight loss, regulates problems with vision and hearing and metabolism.
How to prepare:
Clean and mash the garlic. Mix alcohol and pour into a glass bottle. Strain after 10 days, and store in the bottle and let stay in the fridge for two days.
This will work when you pour a certain number of drops which is stated in the chart. Pour this in a glass of water before breakfast, lunch and dinner. On the first day you should put one drop before breakfast, before lunch, two and three before dinner.


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