7 Deadly Mistakes Never Ever Make When Kissing Your Partner


Avoid these mistakes when kissing your partner to experience the best time of your life.

Kissing a day keeps the doctor away. Did you know that tidbit of information? Locking lips and swishing tongues actually escalates saliva flow that helps avoid tooth decay. 

According to a study conducted, saliva contains minerals that clean out food particles in the mouth and protect tooth enamel.  This is only one example of the benefits of kissing, but this doesn’t mean that you don’t need to brush your teeth, it is still important to maintain hygiene.

Everybody likes to kiss even if it’s only chaste. According to statistics, couples and partners that regularly kiss tend to live longer. Kissing is considered as an art and is a sign of affection. Likewise, there are do’s and don’ts of kissing that you should be aware of to experience the best time of your life. Otherwise, if not it will disrupt the sacredness of kissing and spoil the moment of intimacy and pleasure.

Deadly Mistakes that’s to be Avoided so a Wonderful Kissing Experience Unfolds:

1. Bad Breath when Kissing

Nobody wants to kiss anyone with a bad smell of garlic or alcohol coming from their partner’s mouth. So, don’t consume this before kissing. Nothing is worse than taking someone else’s smelly mouth. Don’t give the nose a headache. Fresh breath is very critical in this endeavor.

2. Don’t Forget to Use Your Hands when Kissing

It’s just not the tongue and lips that make the kiss complete, but your hands too, that is part of this kissing with gentle caresses and soft strokes which act as a catalyst on your partner. So don’t hold your hands back from exploring the body while kissing. Without the hands, kissing alone has no impact.

3. Don’t Force Tongue to Kiss

Don’t put the tongue before your mouth. You need to read the body language. The way you are kissed that’s exactly the way your partner wants to be kissed. Don’t rush with your tongue. Let it be a slow and steady lip movement first.

4. Don’t Let Saliva Run Free when Kissing

Whenever you’re kissing don’t let out a sea of saliva to flow on your partners lips, cheeks, nose, ears or the neck. Try and control your saliva flow otherwise your partner will feel like spitting it out rather than continue kissing.

5. Don’t Rush and Rough up the Kissing

Don’t bite the lip straightaway, nibble on it rather. Go slow, be tender when you kiss. Don’t be impatient and aggressive with your partner, take your time. Don’t rush with the tongue, more than tongue playing there will be teeth clashing.

6. Don’t Think of Your Next Move when Kissing

Always be in the moment. Go with the flow. Don’t think of what you’re going to do next, it will take you away from the moment. Don’t think of kissing and in no time going down the pants. This will make you go out not down from your partners mind.

7. Don’t Lean and Put Pressure When Kissing

Passion is good but punching their face with your face is not good at all. Understand your pressure if you find your partner moving away means your leaning on her with too much pressure, try and ease that pressure a bit. Don’t smother your partners face.


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