9 Facts That You Need To Know About Bananas! You Will Surely Surprised!


'9 Amazing benefits of Bananas'

Bananas are tasty and very healthy. Bananas are rich in vitamins and minerals. It also has alot of health benefits. 

Eating banana can cure kidney cancer, depression, osteoporosis, blindness, diabetes and morning sickness. 

9 health benefits of Bananas:

1. Bananas are filled with dietary fiber that helps improve digestion. With this, it can also fight constipation and make bowel movement easier.

2. It also helps regulate the blood sugar which is good for diabetic people. 
3. Banana can also prevent calcium deficiency, improve the mineral absorption and strengthen the bones and health. 

4. Bananas contains with potassium which improves the brain function and also improves reasoning and cognitive ability. 

5. Banana also helps avoid kidney cancer and kidney stones by encouraging the body's calcium absorption. 

6. Bananas contains high amount of iron that improves the blood quality that fights off anemia. 

7. Banana boosts up energy. Before exercising, consume a banana or two to have enough stamina. 

8. Banana contains low sodium and rich in potassium that helps protect people from stroke and heart attacks. 

9. Bananas is filled tryptophan content that transforms into serotonin in the body which controls the mood that treats depression.


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