Attention Mommies!This Drink Can Destroy Your Child's Teeth and Can Cause Liver Damage and Other Health Complications! Avoid Them Immediately!


"Dangerous drink that your child must avoid"

Chocolate industries are doing everything to sell a nice product especially to children. They have advertisement so that people will be convice if ever they have new products. 

Flavored Milk has high sales amount. But the milk chocolates are sometimes not healthy because the milk used is from the cows' milk but it is treated with growth hormones. 

In some studies, 85% non-organic milk is use. It contains growth hormones, but this is use to improve cows' milk production, however this is bad for our health as well. Mostly we see that chocolate contains low and non-fat milk, in this way it absorbs nutrients. 

There are really alot of chocolate companies that let's us that chocolates are good, but it is not especially to children's life. 

Here are reasons that you child shouldn't eat non-organic chocolates:

1. Loaded with Sugar
Chocolate has alot of sugar. Milk Chocolate in a small box contains 30 grams of sugar, which is higher than a can of soda. Too much sugar can really bring health complications like, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, and also cancer. Sugar is also the main cause of diabetes.

Sugar can also increase the concentration of bile acids in stool and bacterial enzymes in the colon, which can produce bile and can develop cancer-causing compound. 

2. High Fructose Corn Syrup
Milk Chocolate contains alot of fructose corn syrup, which causes liver damage and cause obesity. It also HFCS contains a low level of brain-destroying mercury that may lead to destroying human's brain. 

3. Artificial Flavor
Alot of Chocolates contains artificial flavor which is bad for the health. Artificial flavor is made from hundreds of chemicals including petroleum. It also contain monosodium glutamate and hydrolyzed vegetables that can harm the body. 

4. Contains Casein
Casein is a harmful product that can really hurt the immune system and stimulate mucus production. This compound can also cause allergy, asthma and other complications. 

Here are other dark side effects of Milk Chocolates:
- Chocolate Milk is associated with obesity, CAD, hypertension, acne, and Diabetes. 
- It can contribute a high amount of sugar in your body that can lead to tooth decay and weight gain
- Chocolate milk can cause liver damage
- Too much intake of chocolate milk can lead to lower bone density.

Even though there is alot of health benefits that milk chocolate has but we can't ignore that there is bad effects too.  The healthy ones are the organic chocolates, not the non-organic chocolates. Non organic chocolate is cheaper than organic chocolates but it bad for the health. 

Now, it is clear that we should choose organic milk chocolate, safer and yummier.


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