BE INFORMED! New Study Reveal That Man Can Be Prone To Breast Cancer-Here's What Tou Need To Do!


Can men also get breast cancer? Find out here!

It is not unusual for women to get breast cancer, although it is heart breaking, persons from the age of 45 to 55 are more prone to it. But, according to statistics, men of a small percentage have acquired this disease.

After a recent interview with an anonymous journalist, it stated that men also suffer from breast cancer and it is a true fact.

“It is necessary to indicate that there are cases of men in Peru affected by this evil , although there are only estimates, because there are no official statistics, the increase is considerable. From a 0.5% incidence this has risen to 2% to 4% in a few years. Men should know that there are also mammary glands in the male breast that are feasible to develop the disease, “. 

Experts predict that in the next five years breast cancer will continue to dramatically increase, therefore, recommended regular checkups is advised because it’s better to be safe than sorry.

” You can not avoid breast cancer if at some stage in our life we ​​are affected by this disease, what we can do is detect it early and with it the possibility of healing the patient, ” he said.

Every woman should have breast self-examination on a monthly basis, clinical evaluation once a year and bilateral mammography after age 40 on an annual basis. This last test helps the early detection of cancer in asymptomatic patients; there is no other one that helps the diagnosis.

The doctor also said that the surgical treatments offered today to women suffering from this disease are becoming less mutilating because breast surgery can be performed depending on the case, to radical mastectomies.


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