Chinese Daredevil Falls Off Cliff While Posing For Photos

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Viral video of Chinese daredevil falling off a cliff for a photo

More and more extreme daredevils are brave enough to do something crazy and face their fears and one good example of that is a Chinese professional free climber who attempted to climb the well-known cliff, Mount Jigong in China's Chongqing city, but, eventually plummeted from his doom.

What happened to him surely gave everyone a heart attack – he fell and lost his footing and slid down but, luckily, was safe. “I lost my footing and slid down, but fortunately landed in mud instead of hitting more rocks.”

The man name Du was attempting to get an awesome photo when he lost his footing and tumbled down the mountainside. The accident happened when he and his friends went hiking.

The video clearly shows the heart stopping moment when Du was hanging on the cliff. It shows him ready and posing for the camera while standing on the rock. However, instants passed, he was already seen hanging off the cliff with his bare hands. Witnesses were scared for his life and can be heard screaming as he went tumbling over the edge.

Luckily, Du managed to get back to his feet after the bumpy landing didn’t suffer from any serious and life-threatening damage and only suffered from bruises and cuts and no broken bones. He was immediately delivered to a nearby hospital where he was treated for the minor injuries and discharged the same day.

“I lost my footing and slid down, but fortunately landed in mud instead of hitting more rocks,” he added.

Du, who had years of experience from free climbing is urging enthusiasts like him to take precautionary measures when attempting similar feats.

It seems Chinese people have a habit of performing less-than-safe feats.

Not long ago, a Chinese couple posted a hair-raising video online, featuring themselves performing a stunt routine on a high-rise building, including one where the man raises the woman on his shoulder and turns around in circles. The couple performed death-defying and incredibly senseless stunts on top of a skyscraper — all for the sake of viral fame.


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