Must Read!! 10 Sleeping Position Meanings and What They Reveal About Your Relationship With Your Partner.

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10 Sleeping positions that indicate your relationship and intimacy with your partner

Sleeping beside your partner can be really sweet and intimate and actually builds your relationship up. In addition, each sleeping position with your partner has something to say about your intimacy or relationship with that person.

1. The groper
Your partner wraps herself or himself around the other. It only means you can’t get enough of each other to bear to be apart.

2. The cradle
This type of position means that both of you are dependent on each other. This position also indicates a sense of protection and security in their relationship. 

3. The spoons
This position has the most physical contact of all which the other partner is showing protection with her or his partner. It could signify a desire for control or power in the relationship.

4. The untangled
This position only shows that both of you are independent, comfortable and secure in your relationship. Your priority is to have comfort and better sleep without any worry of holding their farts.

5. The back kiss
It only means that you treat each other equally and are not clingy. Still, both connected to each other. 

6. The awkward
This position for a new couple gives each other enough space to adjust but still express their affection by touching each other’s hands to acknowledge their connection with each other.

7. The pillow talk
This sleeping position is for couples who to chat heart to heart and take care of each other before going to sleep. 

8. The drunkards
When couples sleep face down it means this position is a sign of anxiety and hiding their emotion.

9. The insomniacs
Instead of having sweet conversation before sleeping, couple spends more time in the night scrolling in their own mobile phone. This position is slightly distant; perhaps banning phones is a great idea during bedtime.

10. The body slam
One partner hogs all the bed and overlaps the other’s need for space. This is not a good sign because this shows selfishness and should be worked out on immediately with communicating with each other. 


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