So Amazing! 10 Foods You Can Actually Eat Past the Expiration Date! This Will Save You Money!

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15 Foods that can still be eaten even after their expiration dates!

I think everybody can relate when we say, “food is life,” so, when we see someone throwing away their food, our hearts suddenly breaks into millions of pieces. But, it cannot be helped if a certain food has finally expired so, we have to throw it away even though it hurts our feelings.

But, wait! Don’t empty out that fridge just yet. Although, believe it or not, there are some variety of food products that are still consumable even after past their expiry dates.

The key here is to maintain refrigeration for the following foods:

1. Yogurt

Up to: Two weeks

Yes, you can still eat yogurt even if it’s past the due date, but this rule does not apply on every yogurt as this is only applicable to plain and yogurts that contain fruits. Anything with eggs in it, such as yogurt-based custard or dessert should go straight to the bin.

2. Chocolate

Up to: Two years

Don’t worry about that bar of chocolate you left untouched last month. You can still eat it from one to two years. However, it will not be as tasty as it originally was, so it’s recommended to simply use it as an ingredient in baking.

3. Pasta

Up to: At one year

Because pasta does not contain water, it will not spoil easily. Store it in a dry place, ideally in an airtight glass or metal container. If you have fresh pasta that contains water, you can still consume it three weeks past its expiration date.

4. Cheese

Up to: Depends on kind

Hard cheeses, such as Monterey Jack and cheddar, are consumable for up to 10 months. For soft cheeses, such as camembert and brie, they are good for up to 10 days. Cheeses are usually safe to eat even past their expiry date – even when there’s mold. Just make sure you remove the mold before you eat the cheese.

5. Bread

Up to: Days past expiration

As long as it doesn’t smell spoiled or sour, you can eat stale bread – even if there’s some mold on it.

6. Potato Chips

Up to: Months past expiration date

If you didn’t seal the bag tight, you can still enjoy the chips after a few days, but of course, they won’t be crisp anymore. However, if you keep them in a sealed bag, they will almost be as fresh as they were when you first opened them months after their expiry.

7. Condiments

Up to: Three to four months

From mayonnaise to jams to ketchups, you can just use your nose to know whether the condiment is still consumable. However, if it is unsealed, you can go over three months after expiration.

8. Frozen Food Products

Up to: Two months

Eating frozen food, including veggies, proteins, and pastries, two months after expiry will not kill you.

9. Cereal

Up to: Months after expiry

As long as it is in a dry place and is stored properly, cereal can last for many months even after the expiry date.

10. Prepackaged Vegetables and Fruits

Up to: Until not rotten

It’s just common sense with vegetables and fruits. Wilted greens and spotted bananas will not kill you. As long as it is not rotten, you can eat these foods.

Don’t just throw away those foods that say are past their sell-by date. If it is in this list, you can consume it until the specified time.


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