This Are The 12 Habits You Should Practice Before Going To Bed!Must Read!!

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12 habits that will get you to have a good night sleep

Getting enough sleep is vital for our health for it is the time where the body improves and repairs itself to prepare it for another day. But, of course, we just cannot help ourselves to stay up late whether it because of work or just plain reading something. And by the following morning we get cranky and our mood goes down faster than we can say, I told you so. Sleep deficiency can lead to many serious health complications such as heart diseases, high blood pressure and stroke, etc. so, getting the right sleep is crucial to avoid all these problems. 

If you have a hard time getting a good night sleep, do these 12 steps before going to bed to achieve enough rest.

1. Refrain from drinking a lot of water before going for the bathroom will call you from time to time just to pass it out. Your good sleep will be on and off again and again. That’s when you start feeling headaches as it will be hard to go back to sleep now.

2. Practice yourself to attain a scheduled time of sleeping so it will be familiar always on what time of the day you should always rest. Sleeping any time of the day with no rightful pattern will confuse your brain and you might find yourself sleeping longer hours at daytime and less at night.

3. Keep yourself from eating at least 2 hours before going to sleep as the digestion process will keep you awake. Unfortunately, if the process of digestion did not go well, you’ll be irritated of the terrible outcome as it may bring bloated tummy and stomach ache.

4. Avoid using your gadgets 1 hour before you sleep. Don’t put your smartphones or even your laptop if you plan to have a good nap. The light, notification sounds and even the thought that it is near you will keep you alert. 

5. Choose the right alarm clock and set it properly. If your numbers in your alarm clock are big and bright, it will distract your brain from thinking that you need rest. The best option is choosing the high quality alarm clock with dimmer numbers.

6. Be sure bed to lay on a fresh and comfortable bed, if your place is filthy and irritating to sleep on, you’ll definitely won’t have a good beauty rest. Keep your beddings, sheets and pillows clean and comfy. This will be your companion for attaining a good night sleep.

7. Do you have the habit of reading a book before going to bed? We suggest you try to avoid it now for it will make you sleep faster. The contents and the urge of finishing what you are reading will keep your body and mind awake. You may try reading your book a little earlier than you used to do it.

8. Try to sleep on the side of the bed that you’re comfortable with. It is advisable to sleep on your side rather than your stomach or back.

9. Sleep with a blanket on your side so that when it gets cold you can grab it right away to cover yourself. You can always wear socks to cover your feet for too much coldness especially when raining will make it hard for you to sleep continually. 

10. Prepare yourself every night before sleeping. Make a habit of taking a shower or washing your face and brushing your teeth for a more perfect rest.

11. Stop drinking coffee for at least 4 hours before taking a nap. Caffeine content can boost your metabolism and will keep you alive and enthusiastic for a long period of hours.

12. Stretch out a little bit for between 3-4 hours before going to bed as it helps you freshen up yourself and hit that good sleep.



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