This Is What Your Belly Button Says About Your Personslity and Health-Very Interesting!

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Your belly button can indicate your personality and health 

When we talk about our belly buttons we don’t care about it because it’s not an interesting topic, really. It gets the less attention in our body unless, of course, it needs to be cleaned. But, people are born with different belly button actually indicates its health status and this might change the way you think.

According to a recent research conducted, everyone has a different and unique belly button. Some professionals believe that based on the different appearances of navels it can signify something about our health.

Here are different types of belly buttons, check out which type you belong:

Bulged belly button (like a button)
A slightly bulged navel is adequate but if you see that the bulge is more noticeable than usual, it could be mean that you lifted something heavy that could put you to risk of a hernia.

Little bulge
If you have this type of belly button, it only means that you are more prone to a flu virus.

Tucked navel
People who have this type of belly button are said to have weight problems. also, individuals who have this are prone to flu virus.

People who have this type of belly button are more likely experiencing muscle pains and migraines. Also, a bone weakness has been observed.

Bulged with a U-form
This is one of the most beautiful forms of navels but it indicates a person’s risk of having skin and kidney diseases. Also, children are likely to be born with genetic abnormalities.

Well, aside from your health, your shape of belly button also tells you about your personality, find yours here:

1. Round and deep belly button indicate an optimistic person. Always look at the bright side but not strong enough. Good at communication, doing well with friends and family, often being helped by them. In terms of luck, money luck is pretty good.

2. Big and deep belly button is a sign of good luck. Wise, generous, excel in management. Probably would fail at times at a young age, but would be successful in the old age specifically at the age of 40 and above. Don’t miss a good opportunity.

3. Shallow and small belly button indicates weakness and negativity, leading to many unfinished tasks and job. Be more positive.

4. Protruding belly button indicates stubbornness. Love to be in the limelight, often being used by others. Be careful, don’t be someone’s guarantor, etc. easily.

5. Deep, big upward is the ideal shape of a belly button. Cheerful personality, get along well with other people, energetic, likely to reach success type of person.

6. In the opposite of upward belly button indicates less energy, often leaves the work unfinished. 

7. Oval belly button indicates somewhat neurotic, often think too much and miss a lot of good opportunities.

8. Wide belly button indicates a vigilant, often suspicious and strong-willed person. Be more open and more communicative to bring good luck.

9. Circular shaped belly button indicates often falling in love. In choosing a lover, remember to find someone with a good belly button. In terms of health you should be watchful.

10. Inverted Y-shaped belly button indicates whether you’re a guy or a girl, in terms of financial health and family are all very well! You’ll live a comfortable life.


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