Warning:Many were left almost blinded by this habits before sleeping!


"Stop doing this habit before going to bed it can cause you blindness"

Nowadays, technology has rule over us instead of the opposite. Everyone no matter the age own a smartphone or tablet wherein they use for communication and entertainment. It enables our life so much easier.

Nothing is wrong with this as long as we know our limits but that's hardly the case.

Checking and bringing our phones to sleep are now part of our routine. But doing this might cause you your eyesight.

Based on research, at least 10 children and 20 adults had suffered from blindness.

Each of our eye has a different way of settling to the dim setting of your room at night time. This cause confusion to the brain because one eye is subjected to its “daytime” setting while one eye is functioning properly. This causes an improper stimuli to the light causing permanent damage.


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